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Cordoba 15CM Concert size ukelele

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High-quality materials

The steel keys, plucking resonance,makes so clear and bright sound. Keys are bent down purposely to protect your thumb when playing. Lemeiyi Kalimba 17 key is made of Mahogany for the board and metal for tines.

How To Tune?

Portable tuner, tuned piano or cellphone, or a tuning hammer. There are many free apps for both types of devices. Just search for “Tuner”. 2. Tuning steps: (1) Pluck the middle tine of the Kalimba. (2) Use the tuning hammer to tune the tine, until the note in the tuner matches the default note and the pointer directing to the center position.

Size, weight and suitability for the crowd

The Kalimba is small and easy to hold but has a surprisingly large voice. It’s a perfect instrument for elders to keep the brain active, challenging the mind and honing hand-ear-eye coordination.Bringing one home will be fun, educational and, well, a fascinating conversation piece.