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MusicNomad MN204 The Nomad Tool Set – The Special Nomad Tool & The Nomad Slim for Guitar Care

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  • Works on all stringed instruments, amps, drums, keyboards, pedals, computers
  • Cleans dust & grime from hard to reach areas
  • All in one cleaning toolset with no cleaning solution needed
  • Prolongs the life & preserves the tone of strings
  • The Nomad slim gets between pick-ups & under floating bridges, floating Pickguards, strings on your headstock & more











All In 1 Cleaning Tool Set

The Nomad Tool Set comes with the original Nomad Tool and the new Nomad Slim Tool. Two tools to help you clean and detail all areas of your string instrument.

Fits In Between Your Pick Ups

No more using a towel rolled up to get in between your pickups while the strings are on. The Nomad Slim has you covered to clean in between your pickups.

The Soft Brush Is Great For Your Hardware & Electronics

Use the super-soft brush fibres as a cleaner for dust buildup and care on the body, bridge, control pots, pickups, saddles, tuners, headstock and more.

No More Annoying Dust On Your Headstock

We know it’s hard to clean your headstock while the strings are on. The Nomad Slim’s narrow profile gets in all those tight spaces to clean dust and grime.










Cleans & Protects Your Strings

The Nomad Tool cleans underneath and on top of the strings to prolong the life and preserve the tone of the strings.

Hits All The Hard to Reach Areas

You thought the original Nomad Tool hit all the hard spots to reach, well it just got a whole lot better with Nomad Tool Set. The Nomad Slim will get underneath your floating pickguards where it is really tight.

The Bigger Pad Is Great For The Body

Dust and dirt are what will scratch your guitar if you do not wipe your guitar down before applying a cleaner or polish and rubbing it into the body. The Original Nomad Tool is great for the body of the guitar to remove any dust or dirt that may be on there before using liquid cleaners.

Works Great On More Than Just Your String Instruments

The Nomad Tool Set works great on a wide variety of instruments including pedals, amps, drums, keyboards and so much more!


About this manufacture:

MusicNomad Equipment Care launched in 2010 and has products in over 1000 US Dealers and 40+ countries. Their guitar, drum and cymbal care products are used in the factories of Suhr, Knaggs, Kala, Tom Anderson and Eastman Strings in addition to DW Drum and more. MusicNomad has Surface Care and Repair Tool products for Guitar, Drum and Cymbal, Band and Orchestra and Piano and Keyboard equipment along with an extensive line of Humidification care products. A portion of all equipment care sales contributes money to help musicians through their giving back initiatives such as One For Music, Guitar Tracker and MusicNomad website.


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