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MusicNomad MN120 String Fuel Refill for String Fuel Applicator

৳ 650.00

  • Designed to refuel the String Fuel Applicator (model # MN109, sold separately)
  • Restores and preserves all strings and sound. Safely lubricates strings to play faster
  • The specially designed dropper makes refuelling quick and easy
  • A hybrid blend of refined naturally occurring oils and premium-quality mineral oils
  • Proudly Made in the USA


Refill Your String Fuel!

After time and use, your NomadMusic String Fuel becomes dry and loses its effectiveness. The Refill will restore your String Fuel and make it work like new. You’ll be able to clean and lubricate your strings, making them last longer, sound better, and play faster. Guitarists at Sweetwater have also noticed it helps reduce finger squeaks during recording sessions. If your MusicNomad String Fuel is out of gas, then get a Refill!


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