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Gravity Rob Chapman Signature Razer Standard 2mm Pick Smoke Grey – Unpolished Edge Guitar Pick

৳ 650.00

  • n affordable handcrafted guitar pick
  • Excellent attack and picking definition
  • Made from thick cast acrylic for a clear tone
  • Louder and brighter than nylon picks
  • Long-lasting pick life
  • Grips fingers and glides across strings
  • 80-degree beveled edge provides a good balance between speed and sound quality
  • Hand-shaped and buffed with care by a small team of designers
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold individually
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Plectrums are one of the least thought about parts when it comes to your guitars sound and feel. It does however make a big difference to how your sound. Gravity make a wide range of different thicknesses and shapes but instead of going for one of the normal materials used be everyone else they have hand cut and shaped Polymethyl Methacrylate. This new material has great attack with a strong sound but with far less friction than what you get with other plectrums.

Cut out of solid Polymethyl Methacrylate and laser etched for a good grip this plectrum has their Razer standard cut. This is around the same kind of size as your standard guitar plectrum though with a much sharper edge letting you get a stronger attack especially in faster alternate picked sections. Even though it comes in at 2mm this plectrum still feels great for a wide range of different styles and while that may sound thick you will not notice it all once you start playing.

Key To The Feel

Tone wise this plectrum has a strong attack with a full sound much like you would get with most other thick plectrums. The changing point with this however comes with the feel. Even with their thinnest picks these are still very sturdy with little flex and their ability to just glide over your strings while still putting out a great sound will change the way you play guitar forever. If you are looking for a pick that will help your speed and accuracy you really need to consider a Gravity


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